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              Shop online for all kinds of Health Care products.We carry healthcare supplies, surgical equipment, mobility devices and much more.Whether you need to re-stock your first aid bag, want a new first aid kit for your family, car or workplace we have high quality aid kits from basic first aid products to specialty first aid kits for trusted safety and health.

              Health Care


              1.600 BHD

              Krasaliwa Berry Blast Fresh Natural Instant Detox Drink - Effervescent Tablets

              5.810 BHD5.820 BHD

              OSYPURE Vitamin C 1040Mg with Natural Amla and Orange Peel Extract; Tablets Antioxidants rich with immunity support

              2.840 BHD2.850 BHD

              Krasaliwa Multivitamin & Minerals Tablets with Grape seed Extract, Biotin, Zinc and more for complete health.

              2.050 BHD2.060 BHD

              Krasaliwa Herbal Healing Kadha Natural immunity support – effervescent tablets

              3.620 BHD3.630 BHD

              Nebusaline Amp 2ml*10

              1.450 BHD

              ULTRASOUND NEBULIZER w. battery pack

              81.930 BHD

              Calor Std Heat pad

              23.580 BHD

              Upper-Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor

              34.210 BHD

              Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitor

              22.820 BHD

              Hi-Neb Compact Nebulizer

              32.480 BHD

              Magneb Aerosol Nebuliser

              38.000 BHD

              Propolis Vitamin C Effervescent - 20's Tabs

              3.680 BHD

              Al Barakah - Black Seed Oil - 500mg*30 Softgels

              3.220 BHD

              Oligobs Grossesse

              12.650 BHD

              Oligobs Procrea F

              20.700 BHD

              Profertil M Capsules 60's

              40.250 BHD

              SURGICOMFORT Non Woven Elastic Ear-Loop Disposable Face Mask, 100 Pieces

              6.000 BHD9.000 BHD

              copper water bottle

              3.500 BHD7.000 BHD

              24/7 First Aid 80 Piece Travel First Aid Kit, White

              7.000 BHD

              Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight Watertight .5 Medical First Aid Kit

              15.000 BHD

              Coleman All Purpose Mini First Aid Kit - 27 Pieces

              6.000 BHD

              Be Smart Get Prepared 180 Piece First Aid Kit, 1.44 Pound

              14.000 BHD

              Xpress First Aid 89 Piece First Aid Kit, ANSI/OSHA Compliant

              18.000 BHD

              Me4kidz - Medipro All Purpose First Aid Kit - 100 Items

              8.000 BHD

              Be Smart Get Prepared 85 Piece First Aid Kit In Durable Plastic Case, Compact, 0.69 Pound

              6.000 BHD

              First Aid Kit Hard Teal Case 326Piece Exceeds OSHA & Ansi Guidelines

              39.000 BHD

              DLY Survival First Aid Kit Molle System Compatible Outdoor Gear Emergency Kits Trauma Bag for Camping Boat Hunting Hiking Home Car Earthquake and Adventures

              42.000 BHD

              Adventure Medical Kits Adventure First Aid Medical Kit 2.0 with SheJumps Activity Journal

              20.000 BHD

              24/7 First Aid 189 Piece Coaches First Aid Kit, Red, 59544, 59544, 59544, 59544

              52.000 BHD

              PhysiciansCare by First Aid Only First Aid On The Go Kit

              3.000 BHD

              First Aid Kit – Emergency Survival Kit for Outdoors - Small First Aid Kit with Labelled Pockets for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Travel, Car, Cycling

              24.000 BHD

              First Aid Kit Refill for Car Home Camping Travel Office Sports Gardening Mud Snow - Military Folding Shovel Survival Multitool Tools Box - 31 Items

              19.000 BHD

              Rescue Guard Deluxe First Aid Kit; Over 200 Pieces Emergency Supplies; Great for Camping, Survival, 1st Aid, School, Camp, Emergencies, Home and Automobiles.

              11.000 BHD

              Carlebben Tactical MOLLE Rip Away EMT Medical First Aid IFAK Utility Pouch 1000D Nylon (Black)

              13.000 BHD

              DEFTGET Waterproof First Aid Kit with Mini, Durable, Lightweight Construction, Bandages for Minor Injuries While Camping, Hiking and Outdoor Survival (Dark-red)

              8.000 BHD

              MediBuddy - First Aid Kit by me4kidz - Medi Buddy (Monkey)

              9.000 BHD

              First Aid Kit Refill for 10 People, 59 Count

              9.000 BHD

              MediTac Premium IFAK Kit - Feat. Trauma Pak, CAT Tourniquet, HyFin Vent Chest Seal, Israeli Bandage - Black

              105.000 BHD

              Lifeline Team Sport Trainer First Aid and Safety Kit, Stocked with Essential First aid Components for Emergencies Resulting from Outdoor and Team Sports Activities

              24.000 BHD

              EMT Pouch MOLLE Ifak Pouch Tactical MOLLE Medical First Aid Kit Utility Pouch Carlebben (with Medical Supplies)

              25.000 BHD

              Xpress First Aid 183 Piece Refill Pack, ANSI/OSHA Compliant

              30.000 BHD

              First Aid Only 25 Person First Aid Kit, Metal Case, 106 Pieces

              19.000 BHD

              First Aid Only General SmartCompliance Refill Pack with Medications (700002)

              39.000 BHD

              Be Smart Get Prepared 125 Piece First Aid Kit - Office, Home, Car, School, Emergency, Survival, Camping, Hunting, and Sports

              13.000 BHD

              Xpress First Aid 71 Piece First Aid Kit, ANSI/OSHA Compliant

              18.000 BHD

              ETROL 22-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit & First Aid Kit, Upgraded Portable Tactical Molle Pouch for Camping, Earthquake, Boat, Hiking, Backpacking - Fire Starter, Tourniquet, Compass, Flashlight and More

              23.000 BHD

              Higher Gear First Aid Kit for Car, SUV, Marine – Emergency Kit for Home, Businesses, Travel, Hiking, Backpacking, Camping and Sports - 130 Pieces, Hard Shell Waterproof Case

              12.000 BHD

              Nanuk 903 Waterproof First Aid Prepper Survival Gear Dust and Impact Resistant Case - Empty - Red

              32.000 BHD

              Medique 40061 First Aid Kit, 61-Piece, 61 Piece

              11.000 BHD

              All Health Wound Care Kit, 40 Items | For Small to Medium Sized Wounds

              8.000 BHD

              MOTORBUDDY 83 Piece First Aid Kit, Lightweight Compact Waterproof Medical Kit, Emergency Supply Survival Kit for Car, Office, Home, Travel, Hiking(red)

              6.000 BHD

              MFASCO - First Aid Kit - Complete Emergency Response Trauma Bag - for Natural Disasters - Red

              70.000 BHD

              SlimK Small First Aid Kit for Car Travel & Outdoor Emergency Like Minor Cuts, Scratch, Burns & Sprain - 112 Pieces of Premium Sterile Emergency Kit First Aid Supplies - Compact & Lightweight Bag

              8.000 BHD

              First Aid Only 195 Piece First Aid Kit, OSHA Compliant (225-AN)

              21.000 BHD

              First Aid Only 50 Person Large Plastic SmartCompliance First Aid Cabinet with Medications , OSHA (1000-FAE-0103)

              64.000 BHD

              First Aid Kit – 66 Pieces – Small & Light Soft Shell Case - Packed with Hospital Grade Medical Supplies for Emergency & Survival situations. Ideal for Car, Camping, Travel, Sports, Home, Hiking

              16.000 BHD

              24/7 First Aid 190 Piece First Aid Kit, Orange

              18.000 BHD

              Small Compact Mini First Aid Kit for Diaper Bag, Travel, Purse, Home and Car

              17.000 BHD

              First Aid Kit – 100 Pieces – Bag. Packed with Hospital Grade Medical Supplies for Emergency and Survival situations. Ideal for The Car, Camping, Hiking, Travel, Office, Sports, Pets, Hunting, Home

              18.000 BHD

              Falcon Medi-Tac Everyday Carry Trauma Kit IFAK Emergency Treatment Care First Aid Kit (Tan)

              21.000 BHD