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              Keep your laptop cool to working efficiently and prevent overheating with Laptop Cooling Pads & External Fan online. Choose wide range of branded cooling pads and make your laps Stay frosty !!!

              Cooling Pads

              Cooling Fan5 Fan 2 USB LED Cooling Pad For Laptop Adjustable Mount Stand Third Gear Speed Colorful LightsCoolingHigh PerformanceGaming

              106.300 BHD

              USB Double Fans Port Mini Portable Octopus Notebook Fan Cooler Cooling Pad For 14 inch Laptop with LED Light

              8.900 BHD

              Cooling FanCooling Fan Moblie Phone Cooler Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad Notebook Cooler Stand Cooling Pad Cooling MatCoolingHigh PerformanceLaptop

              87.000 BHD

              Cooling FanUSB Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad Base Led Notebook Cooler Computer USB Fan Stand For Laptop PC 12-17 InchCoolingHigh PerformanceLaptop

              104.100 BHD

              Laptop Cooling Pad with RGB Backlighting 11"-18" Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad for Desk USB Powered Fan with Metal Grid notebook cooler pad (Color : Black, Size : Upgraded version)

              83.200 BHD

              YEEWA Laptop Cooling Pad, Portable Laptop Cooler with 2 Quiet 14CM Big Fans, Adjustable Laptop Stand, Dual USB 2.0 Ports

              19.800 BHD

              USB Notebook Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad Heatsink 3 Fan Cool for Computer PC Bulit-in Powerful Fan No Need for Installation(Transparent) Jasnyfall

              8.200 BHD

              AAB COOLING NCO035 Laptop Cooling Tray Cushion Pad 15.6 Inch

              22.600 BHD

              DTOWER Laptop Cooling Pad, Dual Fan for Laptop Cooling, USB Folding Laptop Cooler Pad, Portable Notebook Cooler Fan for Students & Business Man

              15.800 BHD

              BUJIAN Laptop cooler cooling pad for 15.6-17 Inch Laptops with 2 Fans twin-turbo speed at 3,000-3,500 RPMS, Slim Portable

              63.400 BHD

              Notebook cooler pad Batman Shape Laptop Cooler 4 Quiet Fans And LCD Screen | 1400RPM Strong Wind Designed For Gamers And Office Notebook Cooler (Color : Green B)

              62.300 BHD

              Cooling Fan5 Fan 2 Cooling Pad LED USB For Laptop Adjustable Mount Holder Colorful Lights For Third SpeedSilent Compatible Laptop

              89.200 BHD

              C4 Quiet 7 Inch - 15 Inch Laptop Cooling Cooler Pad Stand Holder, One Big 130mm Turbine Fan Dual USB 2.0 Ports On/Off Button Ergonomic Design Five Different Height Reduce Heat for Gaming Laptop PS4

              45.600 BHD

              DeepCool Laptop Cooling MULTI CORE X6 – Base, Refrigerator Laptop 2 Vision Angle With 4 Silent Fans and 2 USB Ports

              38.200 BHD

              Laptop Cooling Pad Laptop Cooling Pad,Laptop Cooling Stand in Aluminium with RGB backlighting Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad For Desk USB Powered Fan Laptop Cooler (Color : Black)

              68.300 BHD

              New 17inch Gaming Laptop Cooler Six Fan Led Screen Two USB Port 2600RPM Laptop Cooling Pad Notebook Stand For Laptop (Color : Blue(Without Screen))

              405.500 BHD

              Yangers laptop fan cooling cooler pad, Ultra Quiet Mat Adjustable Desk Table Stand with 5 LED multiple Fans for gaming laptop size from 12 inch to 17. inch

              42.200 BHD

              Uzinb USB Cooling Fan Laptop Notebook Cooler USB External Heatsink Computer Stand High Speed Silent Cooling Pad

              24.100 BHD

              Trust Azul Cooling Pad with 2 Illuminated Fans, Fits Up to 17.3-Inch - Black

              38.000 BHD

              DolDer Invisible Laptop Stand Foldable Cooling Stand Portable Mini Notebook Adhesive Pads Holder Zinc Alloy for Laptop MacBook Cooler

              24.000 BHD

              Zalman ZM-NS2000 Ultra Quiet Notebook Cooler with 200mm Fan

              36.100 BHD

              AABCOOLING NC45 - Laptop Cooling Pad with 5 Fans and Blue Backlight | Laptop cooler | PS 4 Cooling Fan | Laptop Tray Cushion | Cooling Pad

              28.100 BHD

              Laptop Pad EMF Protection Shield & Blocker Pad, Radiation & Heat Shielding for Laptop, IPAD, Mobile Phones (11.8 * 7.9 inch)

              39.300 BHD

              NEW WAY - Lapdesks - Notebook Computer Stand - aluminium adjustable - ergonomic lightweight cooling - compatible MacBook Dell Lenovo Asus HP Other 14-inch laptops tablets – non-slip pads

              25.300 BHD

              Belkin CoolSpot Laptop Cooling Stand for Laptops & Ultrabooks up to 15.6" - Black

              20.600 BHD

              Skgames notebook laptop cooler, gamer stand pad for 10 - 17 inch, 6 x LED fan, LCD fan control, 7 levels height adjustment, black

              40.200 BHD

              Senmubery 14 Inch Laptop Cooling Pad 5V Dual Fan USB External Notebook Cooler Slim Stand High Speed Silent Cooling Fan Blue

              22.400 BHD

              TKOOFN Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad (Up to 17 Inches), Ultra Quiet Notebook Cooler Stand Cooling Mat with 4 Fans + 2 USB Ports + Adjustable Fan Speed

              30.900 BHD

              Growcolor Ultra-thin USB Laptop Cooler Base 2 Mute Fan Notbook Cooling Pad Stand Laptop

              27.600 BHD

              Rehomy Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad Base Big Fan USB Stand for Below 14 Notebook Blue

              24.000 BHD

              Laptop Cooler Pad Base, Cooling Pad Base Big Fan with blue LED s, USB Stand for 14" or Below Notebook/Ergonomic stand (Blue)

              28.200 BHD

              Laptop Cooling Fan Pad Laptop Cooler Pad With 5 Cooling Fans 2 Usb Port Back Light Stand Speed +/- Adjustable For 15.6/17.3/18/19inch Notebook Gaming

              61.200 BHD

              Bewinner Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad Base Portable 6 Fans Quiet Gaming Cooling Pad,Mounts Stand with Adjustable Height Speed LCD Display Dual USB Hub Cooler for 17inch Notebook

              56.200 BHD

              Cooling Fan5 Fans LED USB Port Cooling Stand Pad Cooler For 17 Inch Laptop Notebook Stable And Sturdy Aluminum Build CoolingDisplayGaming

              58.400 BHD

              Laptop Cooling Pad Foldable for 10-15" PC Computer Notebook Laptop 2 Fans Cooler Pad, Portable Travel Laptop Stand with USB Fan

              14.400 BHD

              Laptop Cooling Pad, 2 Mute Fans Laptop Cooler Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad With Bracket

              29.300 BHD

              Cooling Fan4.5W USB Plot Five Gear Adjustment Laptop Cooling Stand for 17 inch Notebook RedSilent Cooling Pad Laptop (Size:ONE SIZE; Color:Blue)

              79.900 BHD

              SKGAMES Notebook Laptop Cooler Gamer Stand Cooling Pad Cooler Pad for 12-17 Inches, 5 x LED Fans, 9 Levels Height Adjustment, Black

              41.500 BHD

              Thermaltake Massive A21 Aluminum Panel Single 200mm Fan 10”-17” Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad CL-N011-PL20BL-A

              61.200 BHD

              Kensington Laptop Cooling Stand-Dual USB powered fans cool Laptops, Ultrabooks, Notebooks and Chromebooks up to 17 inch for Home Office desktop or Lap use with Anti-slip pads and Fabric back(K62842WW)

              44.100 BHD

              Olliwon Laptop Cooling Pad for 12"-17" Notebook with Adjustable Fan Speed Adjustable Mount Stand, Dual USB Ports 5 Silent Fans Cooler Pad

              27.200 BHD

              Diyeeni Laptop Cooler Pad Base with Super quiet fans,cooler master pad with Ergonomic stand,special USB hub design Cooler Pad durable lightweight(black)

              21.600 BHD

              Enermax TwisterOdio CP008 Laptop Cooler Black

              33.100 BHD

              Cooler Master Notepal L2 Laptop Cooler - Black

              48.700 BHD

              Ewent EW1257 Laptop Cooler 12-17 Inch 2 Quiet Fans with Blue LEDs, 4 USB Ports, Cooling Pad, Notebook Cooler Stand, Cooling Pad, Cooling Mat, Black

              36.100 BHD

              White Shark COOLING PAD CP-25 ICE WARIOR / 4 Fans

              28.300 BHD

              SKGAMES Notebook Laptop Cooler Gamer Cooling Pad Cooler Stand Pad for 12-17 Inches, 5 x LED Fans, 6 Levels Height Adjustment, Black

              47.400 BHD

              Targus Single Fan Laptop Cooling Chill Mat with USB Connection (AWE69US)

              30.000 BHD

              Laptop cooler,Laptop Fan Cooler with Temperature Display, Rapid Cooling, Auto-Temp Detection, Adjustable Speed?2600-5000RPM?13 Wind Speed-Blue

              25.900 BHD

              Qushhe Kanekane Notebook Cooling Pad Notebook Cooler for 12-15.6 inch Notebook 5 Fans LED Lights

              30.900 BHD

              wan Qin 12-17 Inch Gaming Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad, 5 Quiet Fans, USB Powered, Blue LED Light, 7 Level Adjustable Mount Stands

              219.600 BHD

              AICHESON AA3 Laptop Cooling Pad Hidden Anti-Slip Pad and Non-Slipping Pad Replacement

              8.500 BHD

              SIKER Cooling Pad For 14-17 Inch Laptops Gaming Notebook with 2 large Fans USB Powered Adjustable Mounts Stand with LED Lights

              18.100 BHD

              Portable Invisible Laptop Stand-2PCS,SUNTAIHO Mini Aluminum Cooling Pad,Computer Keyboard Mount Kickstand,Ergonomic Lightweight Laptop Desk Stand for MacBook Pro/Air, Lenovo,12-17 Inches Tablet&Laptop

              18.300 BHD

              Aluratek Slim USB Laptop Cooling Pad (Supports Up to 17") - ACP01FR

              22.500 BHD

              Aluminum Laptop Cooling Pad, SIIG Ergonomic Multi-Angle Tilted Laptop Lap Pad Stand, Air Mesh Cushioned Base with USB Powered Cooling Fan & Detachable Tablet Stand, Black

              41.300 BHD

              DeepCool Laptop Cooling Pad (N180 FS)

              22.000 BHD

              AAB Cooling Ventus - Laptop Cooling Pad with 5 Fans, Adjustable Tilt and Red Backlight, Notebook Cooler, PS4 Cooling Fan, Laptop Cooling Stand, Laptop Tray Cushion

              33.100 BHD

              Laptop Cooling Pad, TeckNet USB Powered Silent Gaming Laptop Notebook Cooler Cooling Pad Stand with 5 Fans and Blue LED Lights for MacBook Pro, Fits 12"-17"

              31.500 BHD

              Laptop Cooling Pad Foldable for 10-15" PC Computer Notebook Laptop 2 Fans Cooler Pad

              14.000 BHD

              LETUSTO RGB Laptop Cooling Pad, Portable Laptop Cooler Stand for up to 17’’ Notebooks, 2 Fans with 17dBA and 2 USB Ports

              35.900 BHD

              havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad and Large Mouse Pad

              64.500 BHD

              Laptop Cooling Pad,USB Powered Laptop Cooler, 2 Blue Silent Big Fans, Height Adjustable Non-Slip Laptop Stand with Dual USB

              57.800 BHD

              Klearlook Laptop Cooler Adjustable Cooling Stand,USB Laptop Cross-flow Cooling Fan & Pad [3-Speed,Vertical and Horizontal Standing]Multi Function Turbine Cooler Cooling Holder for Laptop Tablet Phone

              42.500 BHD

              INPHIC Laptop Cooling Pad, Super Quiet Dual Fan Laptop Cooler Fitting from 14 to 17 Inches, 4 Adjustable Levels Laptop Cooling Stand, Metal Mesh Surface, Portable Cooling Pad for Laptop

              27.100 BHD

              LKNJLL Laptop Cooling Pad, Gaming Laptop Cooler with 2 Quiet Blue Fans & 5 Adjustable Speeds, Heavy Notebook Cooler Pad with Dual USB Ports, Fits 12-17 Inches, for Gamers and Office

              309.800 BHD

              CM Storm SF-17 - Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with 180 mm Fan and 4 Ergonomic Height Settings

              122.800 BHD

              havit HV-F2056 15.6"-17" Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad Black/Blue & Laptop Cooling Pad with 5 Quiet Fans LED Light for 14"-17" Laptop Red

              71.100 BHD

              SYB Laptop Pad, EMF Radiation Protection, Cooling RF Blocker Shield + SYB Phone Pouch, EMF Radiation Protection Sleeve, XL

              122.800 BHD

              OPOLAR Laptop Fan Cooler with Temperature Display, Rapid Cooling, Auto-Temp Detection, 13 Wind Speed(2600-5000RPM), Perfect for Gaming Laptop, Nintendo Switch

              28.000 BHD